Academic Apparel: Graduation Cap and Gown, Choir Robes, Academic Regalia, and more.

Graduation Gowns

Cap and Gown

We're the best Graduation cap and gown manufacturer in the United States. Focusing on every commencement ceremony aspect, from robes, honor stoles and college stoles, tassels, graduation gowns, caps, mortarboards, hoods, and tams. Academic also supplies the industry-best middle school cap and gown sets! Wholesale prices for bulk purchases available. A SPECIAL MESSAGE REGARDING OPTIONS ADDRESSING GRADUATION COMPLICATIONS DUE TO COVID 19 CONCERNS.


Academic Regalia

Academic Regalia

Over 70 years of the best Academic Regalia. Including: graduate gown, tam (tams in 4/6/8 sides), and hood with appropriate hood colors. Serving PhD, Doctoral, Master's, and Bachelor's graduates. Choose from inexpensive Verona brand of student regalia cap and gown, or longer-lasting Professional faculty regalia and graduate gowns.


Honor Cords

Honor Cords, College Stoles

With a variety of honor cord colors, we've got the honor cords (AKA honor chords or honors chords) for you. Great honors products for honor societies. College stole selection ( or church stoles) silk-screened or embroidered with honor society symbols! Academic Apparel covers every grade for students and faculty: middle school, high school cords, collegiate college university bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees.


Choir Robes

Choir Robes

Choir robes, church robes, and choral accessories. Large stole supply. Choral Directors to Presidents, Minister of Music, or member of a committee, Academic Apparel choir gowns fit your needs. Specializing in choral gowns and church gowns since 1946. Also specializing in costumes and uniforms for studios. Check resources for recent gowns, choir robe, and church robes coverage. Research the History of Choir Robes.


Judicial Robes

Judicial Robes, (Judge)

Judicial robes for all judges: federal or state, ALJ, and commissioner. The finest judicial robes, and accessories for judge robes. Judge robe styles tailored to gender or unisex. Specialize your judicial gown to include such things as eyeglass pockets. We've been supplying judge robes for over 60 years!


Caps and Tams

Caps, Mortarboards, Tams

Academic offers the finest selection of graduation accessories, including tams, caps, and mortarboards in a variety of fabrics and quality levels. Tams come in four, six, or eight sides. We also offer a large number of tassel colors, with year-date tassel drops. Find a multi-colored tassels to match your school colors, and Gold bullion tassels for use with your tam.


Church Choir Stoles


Academic Choir Apparel was founded on the production and sale of church gowns and accessories, and our selection of stoles has only grown over the years. Choose from an an excellent array of choral stoles, and you can even highlight it with embroidery in a standard design or even your own unique organizational or church symbol.


Class Rings

Class Rings

Academic manufactures and sells class rings through a separate web site. We sell high school class rings, corporate rings, sports rings, and organization rings. A class ring is a perfect highlight to celebrate and represent the conclusion of your school career, and is sometimes purchased along with your graduation gowns. Choose from any of our side designs, stones, metals, finishes, engravings, and styles.


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