Our Guide to Selecting the Best Choir Robe

Choosing Fabric Color, Weight, Texture, and Robe Style

The easiest way to learn how to select the best gown is to call us and talk to one of our experts in choir robes. We’ve been in this business since 1946 (same family to this day), and our choir gown specialists know how to offer you the best guidance.

Below is some additional information on choosing fabric color, weight, texture, and robe style.

Color WheelFabric Color

The first step in selecting the best color is to take a look around your sanctuary or school interior. What color schemes are already in place? Pay attention to such items as the pews, pulpit, carpeting, wood, stonework, decor, and other aspects.

Your goal is not to match exactly the color you currently have, but to find a color that compliments those colors well.

Next, in choosing a complimentary color or set of colors, keep in mind that you are going to wear it, and it has to be flattering to a person. Your sanctuary might be moss green, but your skin tone might not look good in that color.

For more information about Choir Fabric Colors, please go to our Choir Robe Fabric Color Page.


WeightFabric Weight

Decide whether you want a light weight fabric or a medium weight one. Consider how hot your space tends to get when you will be using these gowns. If you need a light a light weight robe, Silkstone and Seville are your best options. If you would prefer a medium weight gown, then Tissue Faille, Coventry, and Islander are options.

TextureFabric Texture

Our fabrics fall into essentially two texture categories. Smooth and silky textures include SIlkstone, and Tissue Faille. You can also choose a flatter Poplin type texture with Seville, Coventry, and Islander fabrics.

StyleRobe Style

There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the best choir robe style.

1. Accessories vs. Built-In Features: A reversible stole offers your choir the opportunity to have two different colors, one on each side. This lets you flip the stole to change the entire look of the choir, depending on the season or other factors of your choosing. On the other hand, you could chose a style that has a built-in contrasting color, which tends to be less expensive than using a stole with a robe.

2. Contrasting Colors: How important is it to bring in a second or third color to the look of your gown? If your sanctuary or school features many colors, you may prefer a gown or robe and stole selection that offers you the choice of multiple and contrasting colors.

3. Sleeve: Think about whether you would like an open sleeve, which allows for a loser fit, or a closed sleeve, which provides a more fitted look to the robe.

4. Neck Cut: V-Necks will show the clothing worn below the robes, while high necks will hide that clothing.

5. Choir Theme: Consider carefully whether you wish to project a traditional or classic look, a modern look, or a gospel look for your choir.

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