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Graduation Cap and Tassel

Graduation CapsOur standard Keeper graduation cap and tassel (otherwise known as a Keeper Mortarboard) comes in your choice of a wide variety of colors. Available as a cap only, or with a rayon tassel and graduation year metallic tassel drop. One size fits all. Rayon tassel's for the Keeper graduation caps are available in your choice of solid or two colors. Caps are $5.00 each without a tassel, or $7.50 each with a tassel, and quantity discounts may apply. These caps are also sold in package deals along with a Keeper graduation gown. These caps with tassels are intended for student graduation ceremonies. Advanced degrees, Graduate degrees, most College degrees, faculty and administrators use professional or verona tams (sometimes with a gold bullion tassel) or professional mortarboards.

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Professional and Faculty Tams and Mortarboards

Tams and Mortarboards

Professional Tams: We've placed one eight sided professional velvet tam on the edge of another so you can see the detail that extends throughout this product line. The edge banding is grosgrain ribbon over fabric, creating interesting detail as well as allowing a small amount of 'give' so your cap will fit correctly. All professional tams come sized to your head size. Our professional tams, as pictured from the top, are available in eight, six, or four sides, crafted from the finest velvet. Professional tams come standard in black velvet, but can be manufactured in different colors to match your University requirements on request. Professional tams come standard with a gold rayon tassel or tassel of your preferred color(s), or embellished with an optional handmade gold bullion tassel for an additional fee. Professional tams are $64.00 each with a standard tassel, or $99.25 with a gold bullion tassel, and quantity discounts are available.

Professional Mortarboards: Our professional mortarboard (bottom left picture) is available sized with a folded rayon comfort strip around the bottom hem. This is the standard for faculty, as opposed to a student graduation cap. Student can use these mortarboards as upgraded sized caps or with an elastic back to fit a wide range of people. Professional mortarboards come standard with a gold rayon tassel or tassel of your preferred color(s). Professional mortarboards are $18.50 each.

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Student Tams (Verona Brand)

Student TamVerona TamVerona tams are made from black velveteen, and come standard with a gold bullion tassel. The Verona line does not include an option to change the tam or tassel color. This tam is not as high a quality as our Professional line, but it looks great and is an excellent tam for a student commencement ceremony, or a teacher, administrator, or non-tenure professor looking to wait a few years before purchasing a professional set of regalia. Each Verona student tam comes in one of two sizes, Small-Medium (hat size 6 3/4 to 7 1/8) or Large-Extra Large (hat size 7 1/4 to 7 5/8), and includes an adjustable velcro closure with a small gap at the back (shown in right-hand picture, with white paper added to emphasize the gap for the photo). Available in 4, 6, or 8 sides. Pictured here with eight sides. Verona tams (with gold bullion tassels standard) are $45.00 each. Quantity discounts are available for purchasing more than one tam.

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Additional Details

Colleges choose how many sides they use for their tams, and whether or not a Master's Degree candidate wears a tam or mortarboard (Doctoral candidates always wear a tam). Please check with your University student store, book store, or other keeper of Academic Regalia information to find out how the type and number of sides you are supposed to use if you have any doubts. When you are ready to order, please select the Online Ordering button to the left, or explore the other choices available there.

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