Middle School Caps and Gowns

Junior High Cap and Gown Packages (AKA Jr. High or Middle Schools)

Middle School Caps and Gowns

Academic is a major supplier of middle school caps and gowns. We provide a very large number of junior high cap and gown pacakges within the United States, and even some to overseas jr. high and middle schools.

Middle schools use the same caps and gowns as high schools and some colleges. They're just sized smaller.

Each package of middle school graduation gowns comes with one graduation robe (shiney fabric), a cap, a tassel with a metal year date, and a white or gold collar (usually for girls). This graduation package is bagged in plastic package, along with instructions for each middle school student.

The tassel is supplied in up to three colors of your choice. At the end of your graduation ceremony, the entire package is taken home by the junior high student as a souvenir keepsake.

Included i the links to the left you will find shipping information, fabric descriptions and colors, care instructions, pictures of each individual cap and gown set, and a variety of additional topics. We also have related products, such as honor cords, honor stoles, academic regalia (masters and doctoral gowns, goods, tams) for your faculty gowns, and other graduate related items. We've been supplying middle school graduation caps and gowns since 1947, so you can trust us to know what we're doing.

Prices vary depending on the season as follows in this pricing chart. Sometimes we delay raising our prices in April, so we suggest you check the actual catalog page (above or below link) to see if you can still get a bargain price:

Graduation Robes Packages July to March Price (each) April to June Price (each)
1 $25.00 $50.00
2 to 9 $23.00 $25.00
10 to 24 $20.00 $22.00
25 to 49 $18.00 $21.00
50 to 99 $16.00 $19.00
100 to 149 $15.00 $17.00
150 to 249 $14.00 $16.00
250 to 499 $13.00 $15.00
500 or more $13.00 $14.50
Extra Tassels $3.50 each (min $25.00 order)* $3.50 each (min $25.00 order)*
Extra Graduation Caps $5.00each (min $25.00 order)* $5.00each (min $25.00 order)*
Extra Cap and Tassel Set $7.50 each (min $25.00 order)* $7.50 each (min $25.00 order)*
Extra Tassel Drops / Year Charms $1.00 each (min $25.00 order)* $1.00 each (min $25.00 order)*
Shipping Location Dependant Location Dependant
Rush Orders $35.00 + Special Shipping Fees $50.00 + Special Shipping Fees

*Indicates the minimum sum for your entire order. You do not have to meet the minimum order for middle school caps and gowns if your total order (including other items you are ordering at the same time, such as academic regalia or honor cords) meets this minimum order sum.

We accept many forms of payment, including credit cards, U.S. based personal or business checks (either in the mail or through an online eCheck, easily processed through our site). Our online purchasing is secured by multiple security systems. However if you are not comfortable buying using a shopping cart, we also offer downloadable forms for you to fax or mail to us instead.

Please note that when paying with a check online (using our eCheck system), it's just like using a regular check. The bank holds it for 10 days before clearance, which will delay shipment at least for that 10 days. If you need an order quickly with a rush fee, it's best to pay with a credit card.

You can call us toll free at (800) 626-5000 in the US, or locally (or internationally with the appropriate country code) at (818) 886-8697. You can also fax us at (818) 886-8743. Write to us at 20644 Superior St., Chatsworth, CA 91311, USA (in-person visits should be done by appointment). You can also email us at the link listed on the menu to the left.

To view particular cap and gown sets and a specific color, click on the corresponding link to the left.

Royal Hunter Green Red White burgundy Light Blue
Royal Blue Hunter Green Red White Burgundy Light Blue
Gold Navy Kelly Green Silver Purple Black
Gold Navy Blue Kelly Green Silver Purple Black
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