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Variations on a theme. Nearly all of the Choir Stoles and Choral Accessories described below are reversible and are all available in the entire range of fabrics and colors for our choir robes. We will always use fusible interlinings or lining material to reduce 'show through' of dark materials used in some of our choir gowns through light. Some combinations of colors will still show some shadowing of darker colors. We feel confident that the right choir stole for your choir gowns can be found in our wide selection.

A9 Choir Stoles


A8, A9 Choir Stoles


B11, V Choir Stole


M3, Y3 Choir Stole


NLS Stole, Directors Cowl

A. Our basic A9 pennant stole is reversible with your choice of colors for each side.
B. The A9SS features a double row of soutache trim on one side of the stole. All color choices are yours.
C. Style A9F adds interest with a tab in a contrasting color. The tab can be flipped and used on the opposite side.
D. Our A9S is reversible and features a contrasting row of soutache on one side.
E. Our A9C with cord trim to accent & outline the stole. The cord is seen on both sides.
F. Style A8/ A round front stole often for our Del Rosa or other round yoke robes.
G. Our popular bordered stole A9B is reversible. Please note that the back side must be the same color as the border.
H. Many choirs have recently chosen our A10DB which features your choice of border colors and main colors for each side. Note the larger size of this stole when compared to figure 'G.'
I. A new addition to our choral accessory line. Our A9VB provides an attractive contrast stripe all around one side.
J. Our A10B is a larger version of Figure 'G.'
K. A round front bordered stole, or style A8B is reversible.
L. A variation on Figure 'I' is our A9VC featuring cord trim accenting the contrast stripe.
M. Our B11B is scaled larger than many other styles and provides an attractive appearance.
N. Style B11C features cord trim between the border and main color of this variation.
O. Our B11DB allows you to choose different colors for the border on each side as well as your choice of color for the main part of the stole.
P. A contemporary look is achieved in our snap in style V5B. This choir stole is reversible, stays attached to your robe and is very easy to maintain.
Q. A longer version of Figure 'P,' our V6B appears from the back exactly like our standard bordered stole.
R. Our M3 is modified from a ministers stole. A traditional style in your choir of colors and fabrics.
S. Very popular, our style Y3 is scaled by size to cover the yoke areaof our traditional series. Your choice of colors on each side accented by a cord trim..
T. Our cross stole with contrasting tab is style CF7.
U. Style S3C illustrated with cord trim is also available without the cord as style S3. This is a shorter, more contoured style compared to Firgure 'R'.
V. Our ascot F4 is popular with the young set.
W. Style 'R2' rabat, illustrated with collar, helps provide a uniform appearance to your choir.
X. Director's Cowl, back view.
Y. NLS, our new larger border style, is flattering and provides a larger area for color and embroidery. The reverse side is a solid color.
Z. NLS-C. Same as the NLS, but with the addition of a cord between the upper part of the stole and the border. You may use any colors for the stole parts, and the cord.
aa. NLS-VB. This larger stole accents the robe with an insert. You may use the insert in any color you choose. WIth an insert on both sides, this would be called the NLS/VB double border stole. If you were to add cord trim (one side only), it would be the NLS/VC.

Choir Stoles Pricing *

STYLE Picture Letter Seville Starlight Satin, Tissue Faille, Silkstone
A-9 A $16.00 $19.00
A-9C E $21.00 $24.00
A-9S D $21.00 $24.00
A-10 not shown $17.00 $20.00
A-10C not shown $22.00 $25.00
A-8 F $16.00 $19.00
A-8B K $24.00 $27.00
A-9B G $24.00 $27.00
A-10B J $24.00 $27.00
A-10DB H $34.00 $37.00
A-9F C $24.00 $27.00
F-4 V $16.00 $19.00
B-11DB O $36.00 $39.00
CF7 T $24.00 $27.00
S-3C U $25.00 $28.00
V-6B Q $27.00 $30.00
V-5B P $27.00 $30.00
S-3 U $20.00 $23.00
M-3 R $25.00 $28.00
M-3C not shown $33.00 $36.00
R2 W $18.50 $21.50
Y-3 S $26.50 $29.50
A9SS B $26.00 $29.00
B11B M $26.00 $29.00
B11C (cord) N $31.00 $34.00
A-9VB I $29.00 $32.00
A-9VC (cord) L $34.00 $37.00
NLS Y $28.00 $31.00
NLS-C (with cord) Z $33.00 $36.00

NLS-DB (double border)

aa $38.00 $41.00

NLS-DB/ C (double border with cord)

not shown $43.00 $46.00
NLS/VB not shown $35.00 $38.00
NLS/VC (with cord) not shown $40.00 $43.00
NLS/DB (Double border) not shown $45.00 $48.00
Metallic Cord add add $1.00 add $1.00
Add additional cord to a stole add add $5.00 add $5.00
Director's Cowl X $25.00 $28.00
Academic Hood see page   See Regalia Prices
Garment Bag not shown   $14.00
Robe Pocket or Slit add   $7.00


*Price assumes purchasing 6 or more stoles. For purchases of less than six stoles, please add 15% to the base price. Bulk discount pricing may also be available. Please contact your customer service representative for further details.

**Coventry fabric available in limited quantities and colors. Please call or email for further information.

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