White Cap and Gown Package

White Cap and Gown Package

Package Contents


When you buy our white cap and gown package it comes with a cap, gown, tassel, metallic year date (known as tassel drops or signets), and white or gold collar for women. White graduation gown packages are enclosed in clear plastic with a size label. Tassel-drop years are from 1993 to the current year (some limited supplies, no special requests).

This White Color

The color listed for these graduation gowns is white. We offer two variations on the color, this one and off-white (not listed on this site). If you are looking for an off-white or eggshell, please call or email for details.

Shades of white include Off-white, Beige, Buff, Cream, Cosmic latte, Drab, Eggshell, Flax, Ivory, Light, Magnolia, and Seashell.

In British heraldry, white and silver shades often represent purity, brightness, innocence, and virtue. White is the primary color of wedding dresses in both the west and Japan. A white dress is thought to symbolize purity. In Chinese history, white symbolized the Metal or West. In both French and Russian Revolutions, white was the color of royalty. White is also associated with snow and ice.

For graduate hoods and academic regalia colors, shades of white designate the degree or discipline of Arts, English, History, Letters, Literature, and Sociology.

White Gowns As Baptismal Robes

These robes are sometimes purchased as baptismal gowns. They work well for a baptism robe (without the cap), and are an inexpensive option for that use. However, please note that the polyester material used for these white baptismal robes tend to become see-through and translucent when wet. For a better long term solution, we suggest using our Baptismal Robes.

Schools Using White Gowns

White has found its way into many high school colors and university or college colors, symbols and logos. If you would like references to schools using white graduation caps and gowns, please look to our homepage for a testimonials link, or email us and ask for a reference in your area.

 Typical Uses

These white graduation gowns are called Keepers. These Keeper caps and gowns are made from polyester fabric. Ideal for a single-use or as a souvenir during a school commencement ceremony. These gowns are usually used by high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, community colleges, and some four-year colleges and universities. A white robe is often also used for baptismal robes. If you are looking for a matte color, more durable gown, or a professional robe, please return to our front page and click on Academic Regalia.

Fabric Description

The fabric is lightweight, shrink resistant, mildew resistant, and quick drying. It is also strong, resistant to stretching, most chemicals, and abrasion. They are reliably resilient and crisp when wet or dry, and retain heat-set pleats and creases. These robes can be washed in ordinary washers and dryers, though we do not recommend you do so very many times as they are not intended for long-term use. These gowns can fade from long exposure to the sun.

How to Buy

Prices range from $12 to $25 (plus shipping), depending on the quantity you buy and whether or not you need a cap and tassel. Bulk discounting is available. We offer two ways to buy these gowns. The easiest purchase method is to Buy Online . The alternative method is to download a Graduation Gown Form , print it, fill it out, and fax it back to us at (818) 886-8743. You can receive more information on buying graduation products, including full cost and pricing, from our main Keeper page at Cap and gown , and at our home page at Graduation Gowns .