Choir Robe Fabrics

Choir robes come in your choice of three primary fabrics: Seville, Silkstone, and Tissue Faille. Each of these fabric types are available in a variety of colors, listed below.

We also have three additional fabric types for choral products: Starlight Satin, Coventry, and Islander. Starlight Satin is typically used for Choir Stoles. Coventry and Islander are heavier fabrics which are slowly being phase out in favor of fabrics such as Seville. Please call if you would prefer to use Coventry or Islander, or if you need a swatch sample card for them.

Seville Colors (for all categories)

Silkstone Colors (for Choir)

Tissue Faille Colors (for Choir and Judicial Robes)

Starlight Washable Satin (for stoles)

* Indicates a color not yet available in washable satin. These are instead substituted with acetate satins, which must be dry cleaned. Acetates are also not color fast, and are priced as Imperial Satin instead of Polyester.

Coventry Colors (for Choir, though generally being phased out)

Islander Colors (for all, though generally being phased out)

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