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Discount for Verona Student Doctoral Package 2 - 9 $17.28 flat
Discount for Verona Student Doctoral Package 10 - 24 $35.13 flat
Discount for Verona Student Doctoral Package 25 - 49 $40.05 flat
Discount for Verona Student Doctoral Package 50 - 99 $47.08 flat
Discount for Verona Student Doctoral Package 100 - 149 $60.50 flat
Discount for Verona Student Doctoral Package 150 - 249 $62.51 flat
Discount for Verona Student Doctoral Package 250 - 499 $64.52 flat
Discount for Verona Student Doctoral Package 500 + $78.99 flat

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The Verona Doctoral Regalia Package comes complete with a Verona Doctoral Gown, A Verona Hood, and a Verona Tam and gold bullion tassel with your choice of four, six, or eight sides.

Purchasing the entire package, rather than the individual parts, automatically gets you a 5% discount on the order (already calculated in the prices listed here).

TThis Verona Doctoral Regalia is based on a more functional, basic design than the professional/faculty line. The fabric is a matte black, and the panels and bars are made from black velveteen, and framed with gold cord (you can remove the cord, or change the cord color to black, for an additional fee).

This package is intended for student graduates, beginning teachers, guest lecturers, and starting professor awaiting a tenure track position or who want to wait a few years before buying a professional set of regalia. A Verona doctoral package is a satisfactory solution to hold you over until you can obtain a more durable professional set.

The panels and bars on the gown are made from black velveteen, and the Verona line does not permit for varying colors in the velveteen sections.

This Verona package is superior to our souvenir “Keeper” products because it uses a pleated front, more room in the design, a better fit, Pellon-grade interlining to reinforce the yoke (upper portion near the collar), and allows for longer wear. The bottom hem is also extended to an inch, which provides balance and better hang with the extra bottom weight. Our Verona fabric is also superior to our Keeper line of polyester, with a matte finish and stronger weave for more durability in the wash, allowing you to safely use a washing machine with these doctoral gowns, and they should last for several years.

Please fill in the following information with your order:

Fabric Color. The standard fabric is black. You can select Royal Blue as an alternative color (for the gown color, not the doctoral bars or front velvet, which is black). However, please note that no other colors other than black and royal blue are available with the Verona style. In addition, whichever color you select will apply to both the gown color and the hood shell fabric color. The tam will only come in black, and we cannot make a Verona tam in royal blue or any other color. If you need different colors than those offered here, you will need to order a Professional/Faculty set instead.

Height. Please do not wear shoes for this measurement. This is your actual height, and not the height of the gown.

Weight. Enter your best estimate of your current weight within 10 pounds.

Tam Size. Each Verona tam comes in one of two sizes, Small-Medium or Medium-Large, and includes an adjustable Velcro closure with a small gap at the back.

Tam Sides. Each Verona tam comes with your choice of four, six, or eight sides. Typically for Doctoral degrees it is six or eight sides, depending on the choice of your degree-granting institution in the year of your graduation.

Velvet Color: This color is based on degree and/or discipline. If you are unsure of what color to put here, please refer to the color list on our main web page located at our Degree Colors Page.

Field Color: This is one of (typically) two school colors. The field is the larger section of the two school colors represented on your hood.

Chevron Color: This is the second of (typically) two school colors. The chevron is the smaller section of the two school colors represented on your hood, in the shape of an arrow pointing downward.

Cord. Standard comes with gold cord. You can have the cord removed, or changed to black, for an additional fee.

SPECIAL NOTE: Some Universities vary from the standard hoods described above. They may use a hood with multiple chevrons (up to three), chevrons that point upward, straight bars instead of chevrons, and other variations. While Academic will make such hoods, we will only do so for Professional/Faculty hoods, and we do not accept online orders for those hoods at this time. Please use the downloadable forms instead if you need to order a non-standard hood.

Quantity discounts apply for orders of 2 or more packages, as indicated in the upper right hand corner chart.

Production times vary depending on the time of the year. During checkout, the current standard production time will be presented to you, and you will be given the opportunity to choose a rush order fee to speed your order up.

Production time is a measure of weeks from the date we first process your order to the date we are ready to ship you order, and does not include the time it takes to ship your order to you. You will also be given an opportunity to pay to speed up your shipping time as well during the checkout phase of your order.

If you have any doubts about when you need it to arrive, we strongly urge you to choose the faster rush option and/or shipping option.

Online orders are processed only Tues – Fri (except holidays) from 9am to 3:30pm pacific time, and only those days and hours can count as an order placement date. Orders placed outside of these days or times will be processed on the next available order processing day. Please indicate your graduation date in the comment section of your order, and we will try to accommodate your date.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 4 in


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