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This is the official graduation regalia Rental and purchase program for Pierce College 2023.
These packages and prices are exclusively for the Pierce college graduation and are not open to members of the public outside Pierce student body or Pierce faculty membership.

You have the option to rent or purchase each of the three elements which make up your commencement attire: the hood, the tam/cap, and the gown robe. You can rent or purchase the complete set, or rent or purchase individual items, or mix and match. HOWEVER, please note if any portion of your package will be rented, you will need to place a $50 deposit with us (cash or credit card accepted) at the time you pick up your items. This deposit will be fully refunded to you when you return the rented items, and is IN ADDITION TO the rental fees you paid during this purchase.

Additional charges include applicable local sales tax.

The deadline to purchase regalia is April 27, 2023.

The deadline to rent regalia is May 4, 2023.
To pick up (and return, you you rented regalia) your graduation regalia you will visit our offices located at:

Academic Apparel

8944 Mason Ave

Chatsworth, CA 91311

You will need to pick up your items by June 1, 2023.

If, after the commencement ceremony you decide to purchase your rented items, you can make arrangements with Academic and we will credit your deposit and charge you only the difference in price.

*For all hoods, please select the colors for all four sections of the hood. For online orders, we cannot look up your school and discipline colors for you, and whatever colors you indicate will be the colors use for your hood. If you are unsure about what colors are appropriate, please contact your degree-granting University (usually the student store or book store) to determine the appropriate colors.

Please select colors for the following hood sections:

Fabric Color: This color generally matches the color of your gown. The standard fabric is black, we also offer Royal Blue for this kind of hood.

Velvet Color: This color is based on degree and/or discipline. If you are unsure of what color to put here, please refer to the color list on our main web page located at our Degree Colors Page.

Field Color: This is one of (typically) two school colors. The field is the larger section of the two school colors represented on your hood.

Chevron Color: This is the second of (typically) two school colors. The chevron is the smaller section of the two school colors represented on your hood, in the shape of an arrow pointing downward.

Degree and/or Discipline Type: Please list your closest degree or degree-equivalent level for the highest level degree.

SPECIAL NOTE: Some Universities vary from the standard hoods described above. They may use a hood with multiple chevrons (up to three), chevrons that point upward, straight bars instead of chevrons, and other variations. While Academic will make such hoods, we will only do so for Professional/Faculty hoods, and we do not accept online orders for those hoods at this time. Please use the downloadable forms instead if you need to order a non-standard hood.

If you have any questions please email Lois Montoya at LMontoya@academicapparel.com, though please be patient in waiting for the response as she is very busy during the graduation season.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in


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