Metallic Year Date Tassel Drop


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These gold colored metallic year date tassel drops (sometimes also known as tassel charms or signets) can be purchased individually, and each has a metal loop at the top for attachment to tassel thread or anything else you want to string through it.

We carry stock back to 1995 (and a few 1994 and 1993 on request if available). We do not have any tassel drops for 1992 or earlier. Each tassel drop represents the year, either vertically or horizontally depending on how it was made that year.

We do not custom make tassel drops. We cannot offer these year dates in any color other than gold, in any years other than those specific, and in a horizontal or vertical format if it was not made that way initially for our stock. We cannot make future years, or offer any symbols or text with the tassel drop.

Please note that there is a total minimum order (for the total of all products in your cart, not just this portion of your purchase) for your order, and varies from $25.00 to $50.00 depending on the time of the year (it is higher during graduation season). A low order fee will be charged at the end of your transaction to bring the total purchase (before tax and shipping) up to that minimum order amount if your total order does not sub-total at least to that amount.

Quantity discounts apply for orders of 250 and 500 or more tassel drops, as indicated in the upper right hand corner chart.RE ARE TWO DIFFERENT TIME FRAMES YOU NEED TO BE AWARE OF: PRODUCTION TIME, AND SHIPPING TIME. THESE ARE NOT THE SAME TIME FRAMES, OT Production times vary depending on the time of the year. During checkout, the current standard production time will be presented to you, and you will be given the opportunity to choose a rush order fee to speed your order up.

Production time is a measure of weeks from the date we first process your order to the date we are ready to ship you order, and does not include the time it takes to ship your order to you. You will also be given an opportunity to pay to speed up your shipping time as well during the checkout phase of your order.

Online orders are processed only Tues – Fri (except holidays) from 9am to 3:30pm pacific time, and only those days and hours can count as an order placement date. Orders placed outside of these days or times will be processed on the next available order processing day. Please indicate your graduation date in the comment section of your order, and we will try to accommodate your date.

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