Choir Robes

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Beautiful, slightly used, Red Choir Robes specially priced at $70.00 each.

Most sizes available and ready to ship. Great opportunity!
To purchase from this special sale call: (800)626-5000 ext 101.

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Featuring generous pleats across the front, hand detailed fluting over the shoulders and back are features of this traditional choir robe.

This choir gown comes with or without double cord accent strips near the sleve edge. Without such strips, the gown is known as a Sanctus style. With the strips, it is known as a Britany style (and is slightly more expensive than the Sanctus style).

Sanctus style is the top most picture, shown here with our A9B accessory stole (a classic combination chosen by literally thousands of choirs over the past fifty years). Britany style is the lower picture, shown here with our A9VC stole with cord (also a fairly classic style).

Lengths are based on a 9 inch floor clearance.

Quantity discounts apply for orders of 5 or more gowns, as indicated in the upper right hand corner chart.

Please contact the factory for best pricing if you are ordering 100 or more gowns, or for any gown style other than Sanctus or Britany, by calling us toll free at (800) 626-5000.

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Please do not enter a Cord Color or Sleeve Trim Color if you are ordering a Sanctus style robe. Only the Brittany style comes with those options.

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