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Catalog RequesrCatalog Request

Academic Apparel offers different catalogs for the following product types:

For a choir robes catalog, simply click on the above link. For
all other catalogs please call us toll free at (800) 626-5000 x101, or
email Please specify the type of catalog
you’d like (Choir, Judicial, Graduation, Academic Regalia, Class Rings,
Honor stoles or cords, etc..) along with your phone number, address, and
roughly the quantity you’re looking for, when you might be placing your
order (as in soon, in the near future, or just looking) and how you
heard about us. You can include any other information that might be
relevant to your potential order.

Each catalog includes pictures of the product(s) in question, order
forms, credit card authorization forms, measuring tools (where
applicable), and fabric swatch samples. While we do offer complete
samples of some of our products, sample requests must be pre-approved,
for imminent orders only, and are not offerred for relatively small