Graduation Gown Fabric

Polyester and Acetate

Grad Gown Fabrics Our Keeper® line of graduation gowns are made from Polyester or Acetate fabrics (your choice, depending on availability).

Both fabrics are ideally suited for single use graduation caps and gowns. Both are made of lightweight manufactured fibers, are cool, shrink resistant, mildew resistant, quick drying, and available in a wide range of colors and lusters. There are some differences between these two fabrics.

Polyester Description and Care Instructions

Polyester is strong; resistant to stretching, most chemicals, and abrasion; is crisp and resilient when wet or dry; retains heat-set pleats and creases; is more wrinkle resistant than Acetate; and is easily washed in ordinary washers and dryers (though we do not recommend long-term use of our Keeper line of graduation gowns, as they are built as souvenir robes) . In addition, Polyester colors tend to be more stable over time than Acetate, though can fade from long exposure to the sun. Polyester is the standard fabric for Keeper® graduation gown orders.

Acetate Description and Care Instructions

Acetate provides excellent drapability and softness, and is moth resistant. Acetate is dry-clean only. Currently Academic is phasing this material out and we sell acetate by request only, while supplies remain.


The colors generally available include those listed below. We usually have all of these colors in polyester. We do not always have all of these colors in acetate, so please call to check availability if you want that fabric. Please also note that the printed colors from this page may not be accurate (since everyone's monitor and video settings differ). If you would like free swatch samples, they are included along with our free catalog.

Click on a color below to view an actual picture of that color cap and gown, with a tassel that contains that color, and to read more information on what that color symbolizes:


Royal Blue Graduation Gowns

Light Blue

Light Blue Graduation Gowns

Hunter Green

Hunter Green Graduation Gowns



Red Graduation Gowns


Maroon Graduation Gowns


White Graduation Gowns


Gold Graduation Gowns


Navy Blue Graduation Gowns

Kelly Green

Kelly Green Graduation Gowns

Light Gray

Silver Graduation Gowns


Purple Graduation Gowns


Black Graduation Gowns

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