Festival Choir Robe

Festival Choir Robe

The Festival Choir Robe is a new popular addition to our our gospel gowns line.

The Festival features contrasting sleeves, and a metallic ribbon highlight at the connection between the two sleeve colors.

The metallic ribbon comes in multiple color options. Please call to check on the one you want.

The Festival Choural Gowns can also come with an optional overlay (known as the Festival Overlay style, pictured below).

The overlay is at an additional cost, with simplified pricing for either a seville fabric or one of our other fabrics. Please do note that the price of an overlay is added to the cost of the gown itself, and the price listed below under overlays does not include the gown price.

Finally, the overlay picture includes embroidery. You can add embroidery, and that is also an additional cost. We may even be able to match the color of your metallic ribbon in the embroidery.







Festival With Overlay

Festival Choir Gown Prices

1-5 6-19 20-29* 30-79* 80-99* 100+
Seville $173 $150 $135 $128 $120 CALL
Coventry $178 $155 $140 $132 $124 CALL
Islander $208 $181 $163 $154 $145 CALL
Silkstone $208 $181 $163 $154 $145 CALL
Tissue Faille $214 $186 $167 $158 $149 CALL
Seville Overlay** $107 $93 $84 $79 $74 CALL
Non-Seville Overlay** $119 $104 $93 $88 $83 CALL


*Sale price, good for a limited time. All prices are per gown.

**Overlay price is in addition to the price for the robes themselves.

Embroidery is not included in the basic price of the robe. For embroidery pricing, please see the links on the left hand side menu. For quantities of 100 or more, please call to receive our best price. All prices are subject to change without notice.

For information on payment, order placement, production, shipping, and other topics, please explore the topics to the left for details.

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