Doctoral Gown

Regalia, Phd Robe

Select from two choices of Doctoral Gowns (also known as Regalia, Phd robe). The highest quality is the Professional or Faculty Doctoral Regalia, made for faculty members or graduates looking for a long term and durable set of academic regalia that lasts many years. The newest choice is our Verona Student PhD Regalia, for graduating students, and those seeking an appropriate short term (few years) graduation gown and regalia at a low price.

PhD Gown

Professional PhD Faculty Gown

Your achievement places you in the ranks of a very few, a doctorate or PhD degree. Let the world know with the finest doctoral robe around. The professional PhD Gown is a top notch faculty-quality professional robe from Academic Cap and Gown. If you are a high school, college, or university faculty member, educational professional, graduate who wants the best graduate gown, or school looking for regalia to rent or lend to graduating students year after year, this is the graduate robe for you.

Featuring offset plackets for our solid brass zippers, french seams where the sleeves meet the body, yokes constructed using Pellon, cord trim around each velvet bar and velvet front panel. Each doctoral gown also includes a pocket, and your initials or name embroidered on the interior collar. This quality PhD robe is the centerpiece of your Academic Regalia. Whether you are going on as faculty or your focused career in your field, this robe will look spectacular at any University or College commencement ceremony, along with a professional tam and hood. Professional tams, mortarboards, and hoods are featured on a separate page.

These gowns come in one of two different fabric choices, and in a variety of colors. Prices vary depending on fabric and quantity purchased, and range from as low as $317.50 (in large quantities of Seville fabric) to as high as $471.50 (for a single Islander gown). View Doctoral Measurement Instructions. Also, please see the links offered in the menu to the left for further details.

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Verona Doctoral Gown

Verona Doctoral Regalia

This Verona Doctoral Regalia is based on a more functional, basic pattern. The fabric includes a more adult-looking matte black or royal blue (your choice) sheen as opposed to the shiny one found with our Keeper line of souvenir graduation gowns. Intended for student graduates, teachers in their first few years on the job, assistant professors, adjunct professors, visiting lecturers, and those waiting a couple of years before buying a professional set of regalia. A set of Verona Doctoral Regalia supplies a good alternative to the pricier Professional regalia to hold you over while you wait for the time when you can afford the more durable and precise professional set.

This Verona robe varies from our souvenir gowns, because it uses a pleated front, more room in the design, a better fit, Pellon-grade interlining to reinforce the yoke (upper portion near the collar), and longer wear. The bottom hem is also extended to an inch, which provides balance and better hang with the extra bottom weight. The fabric is also superior to our Keeper line of polyester, with a matte finish and stronger weave for more durability in the wash, allowing you to safely use a washing machine with these doctoral gowns, and they should last for several years. Tams and Hoods are sold separately.

Pricing is dependant on quantity purchased, ranging from $174.63 to $243.32. Please see the links in the left-hand menu for details. Buy Doctoral Gown


University President Gown

Professional University President Robe

A University President Robe is the same as our professional doctoral gown, however with the addition of an extra velvet doctoral bar on each sleeve.

Seen here in this photo of Whittier College President Herzberger, the extra bars present an added level of elegance and authority to the Presidents Gown.

Adding Presidential Bars to a doctoral gown is an extra $25.00 per set. If ordering online, order a professional doctoral gown (President's bars are not offered with our Verona line) and order the set of bars separately. Mention in the comments section of your order that you are having the extra bars added to the doctoral robe.

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