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We have a varity of options in Childrens Choir Robes and Choural Gowns for Church Robes or School Choirs and other Choural Groups featuring kids. Sometimes known as acolyte robes.:

Childrens Choir Robes

'A.' This back opening design features contrasting yoke and sleeve trim. Prices range from $80 to $100* per children's choir robe, depending on fabric choice. And because you are buying direct from the manufacturer, these are lower than some wholesale prices!


'C.' For the youngest kids of your choir, most often worn by ages 4 to 14 but available in sizes to adult. Very easy to maintain. Prices range from $59 to $84* per child, depending on fabric choice, making this an inexpensive choice.


'B.' Available in sizes from about 5 years old to adult, our Sunburst is most often worn by ages 10 through 17. Prices range from $65 to $90* per robe, depending on fabric choice. And don't be fooled by that low price - our fabrics are not cheap, and the robes are high quality!.


'D.' Featuring a built in stole that won't get lost, a high neckline and cuffs to help create a uniform appearance and cover whatever kids wear under their robes. Prices are from $82 to $102* per robe, depending on fabric choice and options.

Sanctus CH

The most popular of our children's choir robes is not pictured on this page. This kid's robe is an exact duplicate of our Sanctus Choir Robe adult choir robe style. The childrens choir gown version is a faithful reproduction in every detail. Prices range from $98 - $124* per robe, depending on fabrics chosen.

*6 robe minimum order

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