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Masters Robe

Masters Hood


Faithful interpretation of a design literally hundreds of years old, Academics masters robe has been provided in only one version, the finest.

Offset plackets for our solid brass zippers, french seams where the sleeves meet the body, yokes constructed using genuine Pellon.

This high quality masters gown will outshine everyone else. If purchased along with a matching tam or mortarboard (listed on a different page) and combined with a fine masters hood (below), your Academic Regalia will look great at any college or university commencement ceremony. You can take pride and have complete confidence in your choice of Academic.

Master Close Up

Pictured to the left is the back of a typical masters hood.

The velvet edge represents your discipline, the satin colors your school and the overall size and shape represent the achievement of your master's degree.

Hood Colors shows the colors traditionally linked to your major. You can also view and/or download hood instructions.

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Academic Cap and Gown