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The full set is $16.50. The price for a tassel only is $3.50, and for a cap and tassel it is $7.50.



This is the official black graduation cap & gown for both La Cuesta High School and Alta Vista High School.

Your purchase will include a one-size-fits-all black cap, a black gown in your size, and a tassel specific to your school with a 2020 tassel year-date.  La Cuesta students will receive a Maroon and White tassel, and Alta Vista students will receive a Royal Blue and White tassel. You will see this choice reflected below when you select your school.

Please make sure to enter your precise name and phone number information as shown on your official school documents.  If you have alternative spellings or phone numbers and you’re not sure which are on your official records, please mention the alternative names/spellings/numbers in the comment section of your purchase.

Your gown will be shipped to your school for distribution by your school faculty, and will apply local sales tax. It will not be shipped to your home address. You can still put your home address in the Shipping Address section, or you can enter the school address. Either way, it will ship to your school, and will not charge shipping.

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