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This is the official navy graduation cap and gown for Cypress College. This package is exclusively for student graduates of Cypress College, and priced at this special low price accordingly.

Your purchase will include a one-size-fits-all cap, a gown in your size, a navy and gold tassel, and a 2021 tassel year-date.

Please make sure to enter your precise name and phone number information as shown on your official school documents.  If you have alternative spellings or phone numbers and you’re not sure which are on your official records, please mention the alternative names/spellings/numbers in the comment section of your purchase.

Additional charges include shipping to your home, and any applicable local sales tax.

You also have the opportunity to purchase some additional accessories to celebrate your graduation. Graduating is a major accomplishment, and you deserve to buy some keepsakes to remember this achievement in the future. So consider a spare tassel to hang from your rearview mirror, a class ring, a specialized facemask, or any of the numerous additional products we make available to you here at Academic.

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Weight 0.85 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 1.51 in


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